Brand Name

Modern online trading platform

Smooth experience on any device

50 000 000+
traders on the platform worldwide

Set of trading mechanics

We provides varied bunch of trading mechanics

  • App 1


    contract for difference on any actives

  • App 2


    the platfrom includes all necessary gates and instruments for stock trading

  • App 3


    comfortable forex trading without overhead

  • Macbook Image
  • Technical analysis

    Akma platform includes own complex of instruments for technical analysis

    • Chart

      4 types of charts:
      Area chart
      Japanese candlesticks
      Heiken Ashi

    • Indicators

      10 indicators, 15 oscillators, 7 drawing tools

    • Advisors

      5 types of interactive trading advisors on chars

    • Deals

      6 tools for trade management built-in to chart


everything for traders daily activity

  • Auto close

    automatical deals closing (stop loss, take profit)

  • Multiplier

    instruments for multiply profit from small market fluctuations

  • Trailing stop

    automatic actualising stop loss levels for fixing profit

  • Pending orders

    preset conditions to enter market in right moment

  • No-risk deals

    privilege to open deals without losses

  • Strike Prices

    increase profit by setting more accurate quotes forecasts


Customize the platform with unique add-ons to elevate your trading

iPhone App
  • Fully customizable platform

    tune instruments for maximizing your comfort

    • Themes

      Light and dark themes, sound effects

    • International

      19 languages

    • Progressive disclosure

      gradual levels of tools availability for smooth traders onboarding

    • Service levels

      different sets of tools and trading conditions for different traders types

  • Macbook Image


full infromation support of trader

  • Onboarding

    first trading session for begginers and pros

  • Chat-bot

    chat-bot with trading strategies and advices

  • Video lessons

    Video training in different languages

  • Webinars

    Training webinars on trading strategies

  • Tutorials

    actual articles and tutorials

  • Quiz

    learning quiz


we have a lot of fun here

  • Daily tasks

    daily quests and progress bar

  • Tournaments

    tournaments with prizes and activities

  • Rating

    traders level demonstration and motivation for progress

  • Social trading

    mechanics for creating traders community and sharing experience


comfortable account management and tools for historical data research

  • User profile

    tools for personal data and platform settings management

  • KYC

    comfort tools for traders compliance procedures, integrations with Sum&Substance, Worldcheck

  • Trading history

    trading history with VerifyMyTrade integrations - provide in-market quotes quality check.

  • Account history

    traders financial operations history

Billing tools

we have bunch of billing integrations worldwide and complex of instruments for broker backoffice management

iPad App

Client support and CRM

platform have integrations with several customer support tools and own CRM system

  • jivosite
  • mango
  • intercom

The quality of our UX solutions is based on permanent research in our own laboratory, careful attention to data and monitoring and alerting systems.


Our complex of tracking and marketing management tools provides full picture of customer journey: acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, referral.

  • appsflyer
  • fbsdk
  • adjust
  • google
  • firebase

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Agias Fylaxeos, 1, KPMG Center, 2nd floor, 3025, Limassol, Cyprus

MANPERI HOLDINGS LIMITED is a company incorporated and existing in the Republic of Cyprus for software development activities.